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-I Care About You- (Neji x Reader)
"Come on Neji, you got this!" You cheered from the stands, leaning over the railing to get a better look at the battle. Neji was in the arena fighting the goofball Naruto, and it seemed like Neji was going to win. You had a wide grin on your face as you shouted his name, being one of his closest friends and all. Sure, he could be cold at times, but he always apologized later on.
You were watching the battle go on, and suddenly Naruto appeared from the earth, punching Neji right below the jaw. You gasped, not believing Naruto actually landed a fair hit. The battle did not go as planned, and Naruto ended up winning, which wasn't in your favor. "Neji!" You called in a panic, running down the steps in a hurry. You looked at him with wide eyes as you were restrained, and him being carried away in a stretcher. You couldn't believe he lost. You couldn't believe he failed the Chunin exams. ((Sorry for any misspellings by the way.)) 
"Neji, are you sure your alright?" You asked him for the
:iconsomeother2002girl:someother2002girl 6 2
Levi x Pregnant!Reader: Unexpected
You were looking at yourself in the mirror. Taking a deep breath, you took off your white t-shirt and turned sideways. Hands over your abdomen, you sighed. A growing bump was definitely there. You felt your heart pounding in your chest. Looking down at yourself you wondered, was a little human really growing inside of you? There was no denying it. Over a month had passed and your period still didn’t hadn’t arrived. Mornings had been rough for about a month too, with constant vomiting and feeling nauseous.
You had to tell Levi. There was no avoiding it at this stage. The thought of telling Levi terrified you; he hated children with a burning passion. Having children of your own was something that you never really talked about having children of your own; it wasn’t really much of an option for you two, considering the world that you lived in. Two squad leaders, with their lives constantly on the line fighting titans… what kind of children could you possibly raise
:iconthyet:thyet 367 45
come back home: hikaru hitachiin x reader
Come back home.
Can you come back home?
The days were beginning to get shorter. Snow gradually began to fall more and more every day. The sky was always so dull and sad looking. But the closer the holiday got, the emptier, and lonelier the auburn haired boy began to get.
The hosts were cleaning up the Music room which told him that the day was coming to an end. But still, he couldn’t pull himself from the window. He just watched at the snowed fell quietly.
He was never good with his feelings. He was always too selfish. And that selfishness broke his heart. He couldn’t stand it anymore. Even his own brother couldn’t understand what was going on. He dialed her number too many times to just hang up the phone right after. He wrote enough love letters that got thrown away or drafted and eventually they just got shorter and shorter with every understanding of what he truly wanted.
“Hikaru?” His brother’s soft voice breaks his train of thought
:iconxchasingthemoonx:xChasingTheMoonx 39 8
Victor This, Victor That (Yuri Plisetsky x Reader)
Yuri's right eye twitched. Why were you squealing over some loser who decided to be another loser skater's coach?
"I can't believe that he'll be here!" You said excitedly, shaking the poor boy's arm rapidly.
It was the day of the Rostelecom Cup. Since it was in his hometown, Russia, he decided to bring you, his dearest girlfriend, for support.
But he wanted you to support him, not the pork cutlet bowl's coach.
"He's so handsome, and his form is beautiful!" You fangirled. "Why didn't you tell me you knew him, Yuri?!"
Yuri scowled. "_____, he's not that great."
You always thought so highly of Victor. He knew that Victor was someone who all skaters looked up to, but he wasn't particularly okay by the way you talked about him.
He loathed it.
"Are you kidding me? He's even greater." You let go of his arm, standing in front of him. "You'll introduce him to me, won't you?" You asked, giving Yuri the eyes.
"No." Yuri said flatly. You fawned over him, yet you haven't even met him.
:iconkuushironii:Kuushironii 190 19
[Y!!!OI] Yuri Plisetsky by hgsueun [Y!!!OI] Yuri Plisetsky :iconhgsueun:hgsueun 876 25 Yuri Plisetsky by monkeyyan Yuri Plisetsky :iconmonkeyyan:monkeyyan 562 44 Render Yuri Plisetsky [Yuri!! On Ice] by Ginkochan-ediciones Render Yuri Plisetsky [Yuri!! On Ice] :iconginkochan-ediciones:Ginkochan-ediciones 513 3 Yuri Plisetsky Render #3 by Princess-of-Thorn Yuri Plisetsky Render #3 :iconprincess-of-thorn:Princess-of-Thorn 182 0 Yuri Plisetsky by cookiecreation Yuri Plisetsky :iconcookiecreation:cookiecreation 869 17 Yuri Plisetsky by m0queur Yuri Plisetsky :iconm0queur:m0queur 685 13 Yuri Plisetsky Render #2 by Princess-of-Thorn Yuri Plisetsky Render #2 :iconprincess-of-thorn:Princess-of-Thorn 257 0 Yuri Plisetsky - 3 Watercolor Challenge by Laovaan Yuri Plisetsky - 3 Watercolor Challenge :iconlaovaan:Laovaan 3,271 52 Yuri Plisetsky Render by Seetsudark Yuri Plisetsky Render :iconseetsudark:Seetsudark 1,010 10 Grumpy Yuri Plisetsky by Laovaan Grumpy Yuri Plisetsky :iconlaovaan:Laovaan 3,062 53 Yuri Plisetsky Render by Princess-of-Thorn Yuri Plisetsky Render :iconprincess-of-thorn:Princess-of-Thorn 792 7 Happy Birthday Yurio! by Hobby-tribut Happy Birthday Yurio! :iconhobby-tribut:Hobby-tribut 199 10


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